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Recent Press

Some good folks in the press appreciated the work, and saw fit to run stories on the series, which promptly went a bit viral. The encouragement and thousands of new visitors inspired me to keep it up. I'll keep everyone appraised of the tastiest new finds, and as always, welcome your questions, suggestions and ideas!


Street food from around the world -

~ "Curious about what people around the world eat for a snack? Nick Mollberg is on a mission to photograph the world's tastiest street food-- and he's just getting started."


25 Amazing Examples Of Food Travel Photography -

  ~ "We don't know Nick Mollberg personally, but we can tell just from looking at his travel photos that we want to be his friend. He takes the best travel food photography we've ever seen (and we spend a lot of time looking at Saveur, Travel + Leisure and other such publications). He's not a professional photographer -- a software engineer by trade -- but his job has taken him to 30 plus countries, his stomach has inspired him to try some of the best street food in the world, and his creative instinct has instructed him not to take boring tourist or food photos, but instead, an awesome combination of both."


He Photographs Street Food Against Beautiful Backdrops From All Over The World.

I Have Hungerlust... -

     ~ "Nick Mollberg is an American software consultant who travels the world for his job. He also loves food, and captures each adventure through photographs of his current cuisine. I am so envious of this man's life and all of the amazing food he gets to eat!"


The ultimate food selfie! Photographer captures mouthwatering shots of local cuisine around the world -

     ~ "Half the joy of travelling is trying out different foods, from the delicious to the bizarre.

So perhaps it is no surprise that globetrotter Nick Mollberg has taken to giving his holiday snaps some context, by featuring key dishes and snacks in each shot.

The software consultant, who travels the world for his work, started keeping his friends up to date with his trips by posting pictures to Flickr and Facebook."


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