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Meet The Wanderer

Howdy! I'm Nick.

Lifelong Texan, South-Austinite, world wanderer and lover of adventure,

challenge and excitement.


I've had the good fortune to travel the world in my capacity as a software

consultant - and have followed my passion for food and photography down a

thosuand back alleys and to hidden roadside food stalls.


For five years now, I've tried to frame the local foods and flavorful finds I

come across in the full cultural context in which I enjoy them.






While more of a landscape and portrait photographer, my portrait, boudoir and event photography services are also available on a per-request basis.


For decades, I've been a short story and non fiction writer. My travel writing remains unpublished, but I love the craft and will always find stories to tell.


With 16 years experience helping companies of all sizes succeed with business and technology, my consulting servies are avaialble on an hourly basis.

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